Specialists in ERISA and Employee Benefits Law​

Mergers & Acquisitions


Corporate transactions occur in any economy. Our attorneys are experienced in advising employers on benefits issues that inherently come into play in a transaction, be it a stock sale or an asset sale, the employer the seller or the buyer. We add value to any M&A transaction through the following services:

  • Review, revision, and negotiation of benefits provisions in the purchase agreement, such as representations and warranties
  • Perform due diligence of benefit plans, allowing
    • sellers to make accurate representations and disclosures, and negotiate reasonable warranties
    • buyers to understand potential liabilities and to negotiate contract provisions accordingly
  • Advise regarding the transition, termination, or merger of benefit plans
  • COBRA continuation coverage responsibility

While benefit issues are rarely the biggest issue in a deal, they are always important to address from an informed position, which is our specialty.